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Who Is More Reprehensible Donald Trump or Mike Pence?

Trump behaved like a fanboy invited on stage to meet Harry Styles, your guess is as good as mine why the Orange Buffoon walked bowlegged off the stage.

Robert Paul Reyes
Who Is More Reprehensible Donald Trump or Mike Pence? Trump behaved like a fanboy invited on stage to meet Harry Styles, your guess is as good as mine why the Orange Buffoon walked bowlegged off the stage.
Robert Paul Reyes
Next Air Force One Will be Red, White and Blue (Same Colors as Russian Flag) The next generation of Air Force One will abandon the planes' traditional color scheme in favor of red, white and blue, President Donald Trump told CBS News, confirming reports about changes to the planes iconic look.
SOP newswire3
UN: Tiny Houses Could be Solution to World's Housing Problem Theyre small, self-sustaining - and they could revolutionize the way we think about housing around the world, as building materials become scarcer.
SOP newswire3
UN Marks 100 Years Since Mandela's Birth Taking stock of his "vast" legacy for mankind, the United Nations will mark 100 years since the birth of the late anti-Apartheid activist, Nelson Mandela, on Wednesday.
SOP newswire3
Iraqi, Kurdish Troops Clear ISIS Safe Haven Iraqi forces, including peshmerga troops, conducted coordinated clearance operations July 16 to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria presence in Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials announced today.
Robert Paul Reyes
The Day After Helsinki Donald Trump Attempts Cleanup Treason!
SOP newswire3
Status Quo in Libya Cannot be Sustained Despite encouraging signs on the political and humanitarian front, efforts must be sustained and intensified in Libya to avoid further "economic collapse, the breakdown of public services, and more frequent and intense outbreaks of violence," said the United Nations Special Envoy for the country on Monday.
SOP newswire3
Record 123 Million Infants Received at Least One Vaccine in 2017, Says UN A record-breaking total of around 123 million, or nine out of 10, infants, received at least one dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine in 2017, protecting them from deadly infectious diseases, according to United Nations figures released on Monday.
SOP newswire3
Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Targets in Syria, Iraq Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve and its partners have accelerated offensive activity against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria targets in designated parts of Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
Robert Paul Reyes
Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car These are the dog days of summer and man and beast are at the mercy of the sweltering heat.
SOP newswire3
Army Chooses Austin as Site for Futures Command Headquarters Austin, Texas, will be the location for the headquarters of the new U.S. Army Futures Command, Army Secretary Mark T. Esper announced today at a Pentagon news conference.
SOP newswire3
UN Condemns Terrorist Attack in Pakistan The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in south-west Pakistan that killed more than 120 people and left scores wounded at an election rally Friday.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Reaffirms Unbreakable Bond, Enduring Commitment to Europe Defense Secretary James N. Mattis reaffirmed the "unbreakable trans-Atlantic bond" between the United States and Europe and underscored the enduring U.S. commitment to peace and prosperity on the continent during the U.S.-Adriatic Charter defense ministers meeting yesterday in Zagreb, Croatia.
Robert Paul Reyes
Sean Spicer's New Book 'The Briefing' a Colossal Failure There should be no room on TV, indeed in polite society for any former member of the corrupt and racist Trump administration. Sean Spicer can ride his unicorn to a mental asylum, thats where he belongs.
SOP newswire3
Iceland to Take Vacated US Seat on Human Rights Council Iceland has for the first time been elected to the Human Rights Council, filling the seat vacated by the United States, which withdrew from the body last month, citing bias.
SOP newswire3
Fresh Airstrikes Kill Dozens in Conflict-ravaged Syria Despite the return of tens of thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) to Syria following local agreements and changes in territorial control, the United Nations said on Friday that fresh airstrikes have reportedly killed dozens of civilians "in several areas" of the country.
Science & Space
SOP newswire3
Outbound View of Jupiter This image of Jupiters southern hemisphere was captured by NASAs Juno spacecraft on the outbound leg of a close flyby of the gas-giant planet.
Robert Paul Reyes
Donald Trump's European Visit Was an Unmitigated Disaster Impeach Donald Trump.
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